Friday, July 22, 2011

Best. Ice Cream. Ever!

Not far from my house is a little ice cream shop that's been in the neighborhood for years. Tourists who come to our town always go there because it's famous for the most delicious and BIGGEST ice cream cones ever. It's a place we go when we want to have a special treat. Today I took a couple of my kids and some of their friends to get ice cream. You can always tell an exceptional ice cream cone by the amount that is left on your face when you're all done.

Nelson's Ice Cream 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Florida, the ocean, heat and comics

Okay, folks! I have not been great about posting of the last few months, but I have good reasons! I just can't talk about it in public. But I will say, I just got back from a trip to Florida with a group of 40 high school students for a beach camp and service project. Florida in July? Strike one. 26 hour bus ride? Strike two. Luckily there was no strike three. The highlight of the trip was a boat ride out to Crab Island and a day of swimming and catching Hermit crabs. Real Hermit Crabs, not just some fancy STD! It wasn't that kind of trip! I LOVE the ocean and I've decided I want to live on a boat. That's on my bucket list.

If I can ever rescue my laptop from my kids I will post some photos and some comics. The iPad is nice but uploading stuff to it is a pain. I need my lappy!

Hope you're having a good summer and surviving the heat that seems to be everywhere! Minnesota and Florida were the exact same temperature and humidity...