Monday, March 29, 2010

Stay-At-Home Matt in the Mail!!!!!!

Okay, yesterday I got home from picking up my son at school, checked the mail and saw that my original art work from Matt Graupman had arrived!!! I LOVE getting mail, but even better I LOVE getting presents in the mail! THank you, Thank you Matt!!! I love it and it is magnificent! You completely, totally, utterly ROCK!!!! Yours will be sent shortly!

Here's a photo of the piece that Matt sent and you can see how small and beautifully detailed his drawing is. It is a sweet little treasure! 

Actually, the page is smaller than it appears in the pic... I couldn't get it to size right. But anyway, there it is and I couldn't be more thrilled to own my own original Stay at Home Matt comic! (Oh and also super cool, Matt decorated the envelope it came in!)

P.S. As for my own little comic up there, sorry for the blue lines showing... I still haven't figured out how to get the gray comics to scan right. And how do you like that cool font on the title??? I have a font obsession. Sadly, there is no cure.


  1. DUDE robin! i love how your comics are getting more and more personalized! you took out the computer coloring for hand coloring, you stopped using rulers for your panel outlines, and you stopped using computer fonts for your titles!!! i LOVE the hand lettering and can't wait to see more (and i'm really glad to see condensed bernard gone, haha, i hate that font, sorry)!!! and i don't know whats cooler, the fact that you're in the 'original stay-at-home-matt above the drawing table' club, or that you've received a giant novelty sized letter in the mail!

  2. You're welcome, Robin. I'm so glad that it made your day. That's exactly the reason I give away the original art to my journal comics; I love having bits of my life entrusted to the care of other people. Especially when it results in super-cool comics about it (I love the way you recreated the envelope). Also, you're right: that font is totally bitchin'.

  3. Sam, here's what's funny... my friends on facebook like my comics better in color. Personally, I like my comics with the gray. The more "hand done" the better. So, what do you do? Please yourself or please the "fans"? arg. I can't afford the color Copic markers. I don't want to go back to coloring on the computer. It's not as fun. (for me) I don't know what I'm going to do. bleh.

    I just decided. I'm going to do what I find most fun because otherwise, why bother doing comics if it isn't fun?

  4. i bought a $20 pocket watercolor set that i really like, maybe you could try coloring with watercolors! that's a lot of work though... but it would look nice!