Thursday, August 5, 2010

A couple of ATC's going out with my new mini comic

Here's a couple of ATC's I worked on today to go in my mini comics package, which is going out tomorrow... my apologies to all who are receiving one! I've been working hard to get everything ready but life always gets in the way. Anywho, they're going out tomorrow, finally.

I'm loving the steampunk stuff (the first two ATC's), they're so vintage, whimsical, mechanical, old timey, rusty, just downright cool. I don't know much about the movement (if there is one), it's just way fun to draw.

P.S. all of these were colored with the Copic markers... the first guitar one really got a nice water color look to it. On the backgrounds of the first two I colored first with a white colored pencil and then over the top with the Copic marker... it has a nice "distressed" look to it.

I'm working on the next comic right now, so it'll be up soon!
Thanks for visiting!!! Love you guys!


  1. wow robin, nice detail on those steampunk atcs! awesome job!

  2. I LOVE (!) the shadowy figure of Christian behind Jack. And steampunk?! Rad!