Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hourly Comics Day Posted!!!

Here you have it: my hourly comics from yesterday. It was exhausting, but fun. My hub (my spouse), says that the kissing panel looks like we stink and have flies all around us. He's so romantic. Anyway, enjoy!


  1. wow you did a really great job! the drawings are really good! that's awesome you bought a rapidograph pen, ive wanted one of those for a long time. is that what you inked this in?

  2. Yeah, I used a Rapidograph pen, .50, but that's what I usually use. I bought a new one... .7 to experiment with. I like it mostly... but I'm not sure it's the best option. I just don't know. I don't have a lot of experience with pens and such or drawing. I'm often frustrated that I can't draw as well as I imagine in my head. I also bought a brush pen to experiment with, so I'll see how that goes. The hourlies were really grueling!!

  3. hi robin..

    maybe we should fold a thousand cranes as our wish for peace at the vesper service. i have over a hundred at the moment. am heading for the 900 others.

    i love that you do this.

  4. Karen, how long do you think that would take??? I have a whole stack of paper!