Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All in the Family

*WCCO is a local radio station that my mom and dad have listened to for years.

It's probably not necessary to point out the flaws in my comics, but I had to laugh when I finished this and saw how funny my arm looks hanging out of the frame of the comic. I decided to keep this version anyway, because it makes me laugh to see how awkward it looks. Other than that tho, I like this comic, especially because my mom makes an appearance. Thanks again for reading my comics!


  1. Hi Robin, I think your comics are great.
    There's this guy who runs this site called http://www.comicsroulette.com/ and he posts peoples comics for free. Sort of like a database for people who have their own comics. He gives full credit to the creators. Go check it out. I've submitted mine. You can do the same if you like for more exposure. Just tell him Justin sent you.