Friday, April 23, 2010

My Drawing Space

I have too many kids and too small of a house to have my own drawing studio. That will come someday, I hope! In the meantime, I am on the run constantly so my "drawing studio" has to be portable. I carry my most important items in this bag:

This bag accompanies me everywhere I go and I try to draw while I'm waiting to pick up kids at school, waiting for appointments, anywhere really. But when I'm home, my drawing space is my kitchen table:

click on the pic to enlarge and see the whole thing...

1. Set of gray Copic Markers in a home made case that I made. Yes, I can sew.
2. Set of 24 Color Copic Markers (the Manga set) that I bought with the money I made singing the National Anthem at a graduation ceremony. Yes, I can sing too.
3. A couple of other Copic Markers in a plastic bag.
4. Rapidograph pens .3, .5, .7
5. Pencil case
6. Bag with ink for Rapidograph pens
7. Lost Season 1 DVD's for inspiration
8. Today's paper
9. Sobe Life Wter, fuji apple pear.... mmm, mmm, delish!!!
10. Radio
11. Rapidograph ultra draw ink refill
12. Paper towel to clean up the ink mess I made refilling my pens.

Not numbered: MacBook Pro which I bought used from some guy on Craig's List complete with 2 years of Applecare!!!! 

I draw on this:

A watercolor pad with 140 lb. coldpress.

So, that's it... not very glamorous, but definitely functional. 


  1. I love seeing how people work. I'm going to try and get some pictures to share! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This makes me smile! :D you don't always need a huge desk to create amazing comics! It's the next stage in portable artwork! :D x