Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Etiquette

It's appropriate that today we have a little lesson in "LOST" etiquette to save you from embarrassment and shame as you watch the Grand Finale of LOST tonight. One rule, very simple: Never. NEVER. NEVER make a sound. If you must cry, gasp, exclaim, shout indignantly, swear or scream, or ask incredulously, "what the h*** was that???" you must wait until the commercial break. Repeat: wait until the commercial break. I have learned this from experience and I humbly pass on my wisdom on to you. Your welcome.


  1. If I had been a smart man, I'd have invented some panic room-style "LOST" bunker, like, four years ago. Those would've sold like hot cakes :D

  2. Haha! So true! When MC and I first started dating, we bonded over LOST and he was invited to come watch that week's episode with me and my LOST-watching-buddy Kerri. Kerri and I resolutely believed in the no talking until commercials rule, but MC wasn't aware of the situation. So ten minutes or so into the episode when he began to comment on something, Kerri very firmly and quickly let him know this was unacceptable. Poor guy! She was kind of ruthless and he was a little ticked. Oh well, they like each other now.