Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never Without Guilt

Sadly, I don't indulge often. The guilt is just too much to bear. Really, there should be french fry rehab. What's your favorite fry? Taco John's potato ol├ęs are awesome, as are Arby's little potato cakes. My kids prefer curly fries and of course there's always tots. I don't understand my addiction...


  1. There is a McD right next to the train station and if I miss a train home, have to wait, am hungry, see the sign..., ... I hate that place!

  2. Fries (in my opinion)
    Burger King: bad
    Wendy's: good
    Mickey D's: THE BOMB

  3. How can something that tastes so good cause so much guilt? Viva Burger King fries!