Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad Doggie Mama

I guess deep down I must be a cat person. But I really do love dogs too and K.C. is an awesome dog! I hope I didn't do permanent damage to her psyche by accidentally calling her "kitty".

I got some cool, cool stuff in the mail from Sam Spina, and M.C. and Jen over at Buttersword.com. I'm planning a blog post dedicated to them in the near future, but I"m also working on a baby shower gift (a book of original Robin Art) for someone that has to be done by Friday! Eek, I'm not close to being done... sound familiar??? In the meantime, check out their awesome comics and show them some love! 

Love you guys and thanks for reading my comics!!!


  1. Awwww! Poor K.C. I'm sure she understands...but she expects some new toys first! LOL

  2. Mess with the dogs head, i say. Tomorrow talk to it like it were ..an owl. See how he likes them apples...

    Oh, and I really like how you drew the dog! Super strip, as always.

  3. You better be careful or that dog might go all "Cujo" on you when you least expect it ;)

  4. He probably thinks, "lady you can call me whatever you want, just give me that food!".

  5. A blog post? We're not worthy!
    I like cats in general. I like really cool dogs. If a dog is really cool you can get past how stinky they are.
    Hmm... I should go take a shower.

  6. LOL. I agree with "Get in here". Mess that dog up! Tell it that it is time to spin it's cocoon, then wrap it in a blanket. (with it's head out so it can breathe tho:)

  7. LOL. it's okay, sometime when my dogs being naughty I call them "monkeys" or "pigs", because all dog go to the heaven, I don't know about monkeys and pigs :P