Friday, July 23, 2010

Hurry! It's Allen Duffy Mail!!! (and more!)

I am amazed at the talented web comic community I have been privileged to become a part of in the last 7 months or so! So many great artists and creative minds that share their work and lives with each other and the world. It's unusually wonderful that this community even exists. I hope you all know how much you have enriched my life in just this short time.
I want to pay tribute to some of my web comic friends who have been kind enough to share their original art and zines with me of late, so the rest of this post will be dedicated to those awesome artists who have sent me goodies in the mail!

Included in my Allen Duffy Treasures: awesome trading card running men, hairy (and a couple of naked ones), just like I like them! An original Tickled Pink comic!!! Business cards, and some amazing decorations on the envelopes and such!
I was so inspired, I sketched out my own version of Allen's Classic Running Man:
The Classic Running Woman
(that's me, by the way!)

Kurt of Other People Exist who liked the LOST Artist Trading Cards I had made and made me some awesome LOST trading cards of his own! 
Very cool LOST inanimate objects, Kate's handcuffs, Niki and Paulo's diamond bag, Eko's Jesus stick, and Sawyer's letter. Loved these!!!!

MC and Jen's awesome comics:

A game zine/game board with pieces (I'm not a gamer, but I thought it looked sooo cool I wanted one of my own). 

Two Zines and some original art!!! These two have a fun blog where they post comics (about getting attacked by geese and a rad rock band with a crazy singer in go-go boots) and also blog notes about their escapades at home gardening, building stuff and fixing bad cuts with super glue.

And last but soooooo not least
Mr. Sam Spina of Spinadoodles comics

Decorated envelope, stickers, business cards, and the Spinadoodles Digest... the first year of comics! Wow! Sam outdid himself on this comic. It's so well put together, so funny, full of surprises!  (That's my son, Nate and my daughter, Rosie in the pics below)

Check these artists out if you haven't already!
Thanks you guys!!!


  1. awesome! it's awesome seeing your kids in non-comic form! and i love your duffyesque running woman

  2. What a smorgasbord of comicky goodness! I, too, often marvel at the amazing community of online artists that I somehow am so privileged to be a part of. Your passion and talent are an inspiration to all of us, Robin.

    Oh, and +10 Geek Points to you for your usage of the word "rad." It's comin' back in a big way :D

  3. yeah, I am pretty awesome in non comic form.....

  4. This is so cool! Great to see how you're so involved with the online web comics community. This must have been such a fun surprise!!! If I have more time, I want to take it to this level... but it takes time. Thanks for all your awesome comments as well, Robin. You make me, unicorn, robot, & Poo smile [ ^_^ ]