Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eggistential Recruitment

HEY! Hope you're having a good weekend!
I'm spending today drawing and watching Season 1 LOST with my daughter. 
Best Season, Best T.V. Show Ever! I still can't watch it without crying... I'm not a dork, it's just that good.

By the way, anybody wanna take a stab at what "Eggistential Recruitment" means?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bonus Sketch! Two Geeks on a Walk

A little sketch from my sketch book. I've been gone all day so I haven't had a moment to draw anything until now! Enjoy and please excuse all the messiness.

Good night, all! (or good morning wherever you are!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For the Mindzai Uninitiated: Lamp is my nemesis. He represents the little voice inside my head that tries to sabotage everything I do. I like to fantasize little scenarios where I get the better of him... Think of these "Lamp Comics" as my public psycho-therapy. Enjoy and thank God you're not as neurotic as me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hurry! It's Allen Duffy Mail!!! (and more!)

I am amazed at the talented web comic community I have been privileged to become a part of in the last 7 months or so! So many great artists and creative minds that share their work and lives with each other and the world. It's unusually wonderful that this community even exists. I hope you all know how much you have enriched my life in just this short time.
I want to pay tribute to some of my web comic friends who have been kind enough to share their original art and zines with me of late, so the rest of this post will be dedicated to those awesome artists who have sent me goodies in the mail!

Included in my Allen Duffy Treasures: awesome trading card running men, hairy (and a couple of naked ones), just like I like them! An original Tickled Pink comic!!! Business cards, and some amazing decorations on the envelopes and such!
I was so inspired, I sketched out my own version of Allen's Classic Running Man:
The Classic Running Woman
(that's me, by the way!)

Kurt of Other People Exist who liked the LOST Artist Trading Cards I had made and made me some awesome LOST trading cards of his own! 
Very cool LOST inanimate objects, Kate's handcuffs, Niki and Paulo's diamond bag, Eko's Jesus stick, and Sawyer's letter. Loved these!!!!

MC and Jen's awesome comics:

A game zine/game board with pieces (I'm not a gamer, but I thought it looked sooo cool I wanted one of my own). 

Two Zines and some original art!!! These two have a fun blog where they post comics (about getting attacked by geese and a rad rock band with a crazy singer in go-go boots) and also blog notes about their escapades at home gardening, building stuff and fixing bad cuts with super glue.

And last but soooooo not least
Mr. Sam Spina of Spinadoodles comics

Decorated envelope, stickers, business cards, and the Spinadoodles Digest... the first year of comics! Wow! Sam outdid himself on this comic. It's so well put together, so funny, full of surprises!  (That's my son, Nate and my daughter, Rosie in the pics below)

Check these artists out if you haven't already!
Thanks you guys!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annoying Things My Brother Did When We Were Kids

Just for fun, here's a comic I did  when I was first starting to draw comics... maybe a year ago or so. My brother still likes to do some of these things. I won't say which ones.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking Our Time (featuring K.C. the DOG)

I'm loving having a dog in the house! It somehow forces you to lay back and take some time to, well, you know, smell the flowers. (or pee on them in K.C.'s case) Really relaxing!

Also, I spent a ton of time making and illustrating a book for a friend of mine. I scanned the entire book, but didn't have time to save them. You know what's coming right? So when I came back to save them, photoshop crashed and I lost everything...I know... wah, get over it. I think my friend can scan it for me (she lives in Amsterdam!) so maybe all will not be lost. In the meantime I have some photos and will try to post soon.

To top it off something ate my new hydrangea bush in my yard.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad Doggie Mama

I guess deep down I must be a cat person. But I really do love dogs too and K.C. is an awesome dog! I hope I didn't do permanent damage to her psyche by accidentally calling her "kitty".

I got some cool, cool stuff in the mail from Sam Spina, and M.C. and Jen over at I'm planning a blog post dedicated to them in the near future, but I"m also working on a baby shower gift (a book of original Robin Art) for someone that has to be done by Friday! Eek, I'm not close to being done... sound familiar??? In the meantime, check out their awesome comics and show them some love! 

Love you guys and thanks for reading my comics!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LOST Artist Trading Cards

Hey! How's everybody doing today? Where I am sitting, the sun is streaming through my deck doors (no deck, just the doors, long story...) into the kitchen looking downright cheery. Hope your day is as bright or will be soon! 

Okay, so I made these cute little ATC's and tho I said I would try not to do any more LOST related stuff, I guess it's just not to be. You'll have to take me LOST warts and all. Anyway, if someone would like to do an ATC trade I would be up for that! Some of these aren't available for trade, but I'm happy to do more if you have a request (it doesn't have to be LOST related). I love to trade for original art so email me and we'll work it out!

(sorry, not available)

(Sorry, not available)

(sorry, not available)

Email me:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It Comes Back Around

Both times this happened I thought bugs were crawling on me and I probably don't need to tell you that there are some people who freak out at the notion a bug is crawling on them. I don't know why my family likes to torture me so much. Because they love me? Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poo is Here!

There's a little dude over at that I kind of fell in love with a few weeks ago. Imagine my joy when I found out I could have this little guy for my very own??? Today's comic is a little tribute to my newest buddy, "Poo" and his creator, Justin Winslow of Mythfits comic!

To see a truly fine rendering of the cutest little pile of poo you'll ever see, click here!

A Mythfits Super Fan has created a sweet little Poo Doll that will be available soon on Justin's site. I jumped on the bandwagon early and received my own Poo Doll just a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT!


And Poo on Birthday Cake!

He's the cutest!

Thanks to Dessy Tab  of Zpiderdzigh for creating the Poo Doll. Check out her site for other cute little creatures. 

Thanks Justin and Dessy!!!