Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Unexpected Return

Lamp returns today... if you didn't see his departure, check this out first: Obedience, Back and Forth, and It'll Come Back Around. 

I'm doing a lot of experimenting with my drawing lately and just decided to post whatever I come up with hoping that seeing the changes and (hopefully) good development will be interesting. 

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Woah Robin! This lay out is mind blowing, and your black and white work is spectacular! seriously! You do this awesome stipple and hatching shading. It works really well and it's obvious you have a good sense of value! they have just as much pop as your color comics. Also, I love Lamp!!

  2. WHOA, ROBIN! This comic is unbelievably awesome! I love watching artists develop and refine their style (I'm definitely in that boat right now) and this strip is a great leap forward for you. The textures are wonderful, the panel layouts are really fun, and your perspective in the 2nd panel rules! You're an inspiration, Robin. Keep pluggin' away because I'm psyched to see what you come up with next.

  3. Whoa Robin! i like it! that's awesome you're making a mini comic! nothing is real unless you hold it in your hand

  4. loving this again... :) and especially that you'll be making a mini comic! (hurrah!) beautiful textures with your black and white marks... :) xxx

  5. I agree, most excellent!

    also, Robin- I used an idea you gave me awhile back for my latest cartoon- hope you don't mind, and I gave you a shout out and link to your blog! Thanks so much!