Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wiki Revelations

I used to think about this a lot when I was a kid and was reminded the other day when I was reading something on Wikipedia... 
It never hurts to be reminded that you're not the center of the universe.


  1. Hey, if you enjoyed the wiki, you should check out the two "hunting the edge of the space" episodes of nova:

    You can watch them online for free

    Watching that stuff always makes me want to be a scientist

  2. yea there's a lot of stuff that if you really think about it, is completely crazy. i always do this with money, like if i think about what money is and what the value is based on (gold?) it's just super crazy to me.

  3. I love the slow zooming in technique; it balances out how small you feel because you keep getting bigger in each panel. Well done.